Global Welded Linepipe Manufacturer

The EUROPIPE Group is the world's largest manufacturer of large-diameter linepipe. We have a global presence for our customers, with manufacturing plants in Germany, France and USA (Berg Steel Pipe Corp. and Berg Spiral Pipe Corp.).

Our range of products comprises pipes with the following dimensions: up to 18.3 m in length, these longitudinal seam-welded pipes are available in outside diameters between 18" and 60" and wall thicknesses from 0.256" to 1.575", while the spiral seam-welded version offers outside diameters of 16" to 60" and wall thicknesses between 0.197" and 0.790".

EUROPIPE's expertise in large-diameter pipe manufacturing is in the production of welded steel pipes for extreme applications. These pipes withstand the extreme heat of the desert, the lowest temperatures in arctic environments or the extreme pressure of the deep sea.